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In this course, we will cover basic Search Engine Optimisation for your website. This is a beginner level aimed at you if you are starting out and have no knowledge of SEO.

By the end of this course, you will have good SEO habits and success to ensure that your website and content rank well.

In the 6 sessions we will cover:

  • Finding your keywords for your niche
  • Paid versus Organic traffic
  • Competitor analysis
  • Creating content
  • Setting up and using your analytics
  • Developing your Schedule to update your SEO keywords
  • Create the SEO element of your Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • Adding SEO software to your website

By the end of these sessions you will have:

  • Found, used, and implemented your keywords
  • Understood paid and organic traffic systems
  • Understood how to analyse your competitors, and carried out a competitor analysis
  • Set up, monitored, and used the analytics data to improve your website
  • Developed your schedule to update your SEO keywords
  • Created the SEO element of your Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • Added a chosen SEO software plug in to support the SEO of your website and be able to use it effectively

The outcome of the course based on implementing the learning:

  • To ensure that your website’s pages and content rank well on Google and other search engines so that you are visible.

This course is online only and the teaching and learning are a combination of video, ‘over-the-shoulder’ recordings, audio, and pdfs.

There are also directed tasks in the form of written exercises, reflections, and research exercises. A private support group is available to you to share your learnings and experiences.

The course takes approximately 16 hours in total, spread across the 6 sessions.  The resources provided are approximately 6 hours of learning. The directed tasks will take approximately 10 hours of learning. You will need to complete each session before you can move onto the next.

There is no formal assessment on this course.

If you have any problems with the resources, log-in details, or have an enquiry, please email, or leave a message in the private support group for this course.

Good luck and enjoy!