Clients & Partners that I Recommend


I’m really lucky to get to work with these clients who have also become partners and have amazing services and products! Click below to get more information about them and to find out how you can also work with them and benefit from their fantastic services.


Lara Lauder at

I have the absolute pleasure of assisting Lara to build her website as well as purchasing her fantastic colour analysis and I’m booked on to her personal style service in the Autumn.

I cannot tell you how amazing this woman is! She has moved me from drab to dazzling just by helping me identify my colours (paintbox spring) and highlighting to me the most appropriate colours and clothing for my skin tone. This alone has boosted my confidence in that I now know I look great on and off camera!

Click on the image above to go to Lara’s website where you can schedule your discovery call for ‘How To Discover Your Colour & Style‘ and book your colour analysis with her. I promise you that you will not be disappointed!


Catherine Reed at

I have really enjoyed working with Catherine on the SEO of her website as she begins to grow her new pet portrait business. Catherine has a fantastic talent and an eye for detail.

As well as creating charcoal large portraitures for dogs, she also takes commissions on wildlife and large animals.

Click on the image above to go directly to her website where you can contact her to arrange a pet commissioned portrait.


Alexis Behrend at

I have the pleasure of working with Alexis on her website, and she is absolutely phenomenal.  An expert in the experience and escape from narcissistic abuse, Alexis now runs a highly popular and emotionally engaging newsletter ‘Gaslit.’

Having survived many many years of narcissistic abuse from her then-husband, she absolutely can help you recognise, escape and heal. What this woman doesn’t know about narcissistic abuse, red flags, strategies to deal with a narcissist, and healing from the abuse isn’t worth knowing!

Click on the image above to get access to her resources, advice, and insights.