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About That Woman Tech

That Woman Tech was established in 2020 to help women feel confident in developing their tech skills without the unnecessary ‘tech talk’ that certainly used to leave me feeling somehow inadequate. So I believe in using clarity over clever and using plain English as much as is possible rather than tech jargon.
Having learnt to build websites on google sites, then Wix and then WordPress, I know how to build a website from scratch; all the components it requires, from a basic website to growing my business and so scaling up my website.  I wanted to feel confident and have the skills to create and problem-solve when things happened on my website rather than have to wait for someone to sort it for me and often being overcharged because the tech sounded mysterious. And essentially I want that for you too, as I see too many women paying over the odds for a website that they don’t understand or really embrace.
So if you kind of align to this, then I hope I can help you navigate around your website and social media. I can help you with the following:
  • Starting a website from scratch using WordPress and Divi
  • Scaling a website
  • Adding in pages of all sorts- landing/sales/about me’s/home, etc, blogs, menus, theme customizing and templates
  • Adding e-commerce and products
  • Adding online virtual and downloadable products and setting up your store to conduct your business selling physical products
  • Creating lead magnets, opt-ins, and website freebies & resources
  • Linking to your social media
  • Blogging
  • Speed testing
  • SEO and visibility
  • Creating videos and audio’s, podcasts, and meditations
  • And probably loads more that elude me at the moment, so ask and I’ll say yay or nay!
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