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Are you a Life Coach, Educator, or Spiritual Services Practitioner eager to invest more time in your service offerings and clients, rather than grappling with complex technology?

Do you find the idea of creating websites, tech solutions, and digital products utterly draining, overwhelming, and a source of unrelenting stress?

Let me introduce you to a transformative solution.

With over 25 years of experience in teaching, course creation, and quality assurance in Higher Education, I transitioned into a qualified Life Coach and spiritual energy practitioner. Yet, I faced the daunting task of taking my services and products online.

My journey was marked by years of trial and error, learning the ropes of building WordPress websites, crafting online courses, launching podcasts, and setting up funnels. I’ve stumbled countless times, and I understand the exhaustion, frustration, and stress that often accompany the tech side of this journey—far from the positive energy needed to serve clients effectively.

However, through persistent learning, rigorous testing, continuous refinement, and unwavering dedication, I’ve overcome those initial challenges. Today, I possess the skills and knowledge I lacked when I began, and I’m deeply appreciative of those past experiences that have equipped me to offer you valuable assistance.

So, why not schedule a conversation to discuss where you currently stand and identify areas where you might need support? Allow me to take the tech-related burdens off your shoulders, so you can channel your energy towards attracting and nurturing your clients. Together, we’ll create a thriving, harmonious online presence for your services.

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Get My Tech Proposal

After the call, I’ll follow up with a quote. When you’re ready we will get started. You can also request project management within the work so that I keep us on track and accountable.

Let’s Start

If it’s a full build, you’ll get updates.

If it’s a tutorial you choose a date, make the payment and join the call.

If you are joining my live Online Course Creation course you’ll be sent the dates and times.

What Customers Are Saying

“Very easy from start to finish, and I’m really pleased with the results of learning how to build my own website from scratch. That Woman Tech is very generous with her knowledge and understanding of what I needed. The whole process was really clear and simple and I feel like I’ve acheived a website I can be proud of as well as having fun along the way. Thank you so much!”

“I wanted a website that would reflect my work as a spirit retreival guide and holistic practitioner. What I had back was incredible. This was a bespoke full build of my website, starting from scratch. It now has multimedia, a great opt-in and lead magnet, the ability to demonstrate in video what I can help my clients with. I’d highly recommend.”

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