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Build your WordPress websites, create your resources, and develop your online courses, and podcasts. ‘Walk-through-with-you’ tutorials. Fast track and emergency surgeries.

Getting you from tech-terrified to tech-triumphant!

Website Creation

Starting from scratch, or scaling up? Need to offer your services and products online? No problem!

1:1 Tutorials or Concierge Service

Get 1:1 tech tutorial where we do it together. Or I can do it for you.

Online Course Creation

Get online course structure, content ideas & general help in creating your online courses.

Website Tech Problems

Let me know what the problem is and lets solve it.

Open Hours

Monday– Friday: 9am–5pm

Saturday– Emergency appts only






zoom, skype, messenger




If you are looking for friendly, jargon-free websites that reflect who you are and what you offer then this is the right place. I offer WordPress-based websites to help you get more visible, attract your tribe and help you grow.

You can either give me a brief and your copywriting and images and I’ll build a bespoke personalised website for you. Or you can have personal tutorials where I teach you how to build your site yourself. 

Sign up to find out how you can join in on my online ‘build your own website’ programme with your ideas, your time, your way, so it’s totally customisable and adaptable to you so that you can build as you grow!

Take a look at the tech talks workshops where you can learn how to create your online courses and podcasts from idea to reality.

Let’s Talk

Book your free curiosity call and let’s talk about your website woes or tech troubles and how I can help over a a virtual cuppa.



Get My Tech Proposal

I will send you my recommendations, you decide if it’s right for you. Once you’re happy we let the tech work commence! You can also build in project management so that I also keep you on track and accountable!

Let’s Build

If it’s a full build, you’ll get updates. If it’s teaching you to do it yourself, you book the tutorial slots for when it first best for you. If it’s my online programmes, save the dates!


What Customers Are Saying

“Very easy from start to finish, and I’m really pleased with the results of learning how to build my own website from scratch. That Woman Tech is very generous with her knowledge and understanding of what I needed. The whole process was really clear and simple and I feel like I’ve acheived a website I can be proud of as well as having fun along the way. Thank you so much!”

“I wanted a website that would reflect my work as a spirit retreival guide and holistic practitioner. What I had back was incredible. This was a bespoke full build of my website, starting from scratch. It now has multimedia, a great opt-in and lead magnet, the ability to demonstrate in video what I can help my clients with. I’d highly recommend.”

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